Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsRegisteredTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomDAYS
ACCT 203 1Survey of Accounting312 Hamzah Hussein Al Mawali1:00 PM3:05 PMB101 UMTW
BACC 204 1Principles of Financial Accounting313 Hamzah Hussein Al Mawali1:00 PM3:05 PMB101 UMTW
BBSN 492 1Internship37 Mukdad Ibrahim1:00 PM5:30 PM FS
BIOL 100 1Humankind in a Biological World325 Abdul Gafoor Puthiyaveetil10:30 AM12:35 PMB104 UMTW
BIOL 100 2Humankind in a Biological World320 Abdul Gafoor Puthiyaveetil3:00 PM5:05 PMG204 UMTW
CIEN 422 1Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design320 Rajai Al Rousan1:00 PM3:00 PMG207 UMTW
COMM 102 1Reading Image and Film327 Saad Ullah Khan8:00 AM10:05 AMB101 UMTW
COMM 102 2Reading Image and Film320 Saad Ullah Khan10:30 AM12:35 PMB101 UMTW
CSCI 112 1Introduction to Computer Programming320 Sahar Idwan10:00 AM12:00 PMG202 UMTW
CSCI 113 1Introduction to Computer Programming Lab115 Sahar Idwan12:00 PM2:30 PMG202 U T
ECEN 280 1Electric Circuit Analysis I320 Maen Sadeq Takruri10:30 AM12:30 PMG205 UMTW
ECON 103 1Principles of Microeconomics325 Ziad Asouly3:30 PM5:35 PMG207 UMTW
EDUL 520 1Theories of Teaching and Learning37 Maha Broum3:30 PM5:30 PMB117 UMTW
EDUL 615 1School Governance, Politics and Community Engagement320 Justina Osa3:30 PM5:35 PMG206 UMTW
EDUL 625 1Using Research for Educational Change320 Justina Osa5:40 PM7:45 PMG204 UMTW
ENGL 101 1Composition320 Osayimwense Osa10:30 AM12:35 PMB110 UMTW
ENGL 200 1Advanced Writing320 Osayimwense Osa1:00 PM3:05 PMB102 UMTW
ENGR 107 1Introduction to Engineering220 Rajai Al Rousan10:30 AM12:35 PMG206 UMT
ENGR 390 1Internship33 Said Elnaffar    
ENGR 390 2Internship36 Mohd Jamal Zaid    
ENGR 390 4Internship32 Ahmed Abu Abdo    
ENGR 390 5Internship312 Majed Khodr    
IENG 231 1Engineering Materials320 Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil10:30 AM12:35 PMG204 UMTW
MATH 113 1Calculus I425 Ibrahim Awadallah1:00 PM3:40 PMG205 UMTW
MATH 113 2Calculus I425 Ibrahim Awadallah10:00 AM12:40 PMG203 UMTW
MBGN 535 1MBA Internship325 Mukdad Ibrahim    
MBHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management325 Lincoln Pettaway1:00 PM5:30 PMG204 FS
MBHR 592 1Managing Change and Innovation325 Lincoln Pettaway8:00 AM12:30 PMG204 FS
MENG 211 1Thermodynamics I320 Bilal Amin Akash8:00 AM10:05 AMG209 UMTW
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management320 Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil1:00 PM5:30 PMG203 S
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management320 Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil3:10 PM6:00 PMG203 W
MEPM 522 1Financial Analysis and Decision Making320 Ahmed Al Sharif8:00 AM12:30 PMG205 S
MEPM 522 1Financial Analysis and Decision Making320 Ahmed Al Sharif3:10 PM6:00 PMG205 R
PHYS 110 1University Physics I325 Mustapha Merabet10:30 AM12:35 PMB103 UMTW
PHYS 111 1University Physics I Lab120 Fathi Mahmoud1:00 PM3:05 PMB114 UMTW
PHYS 220 1University Physics II325 Hamid Berriche1:00 PM3:05 PMG206 UMTW
PHYS 221 1University Physics II Lab120 Fathi Mahmoud10:30 AM12:35 PMB111 UMTW
POLI 100 1Contemporary Global Issues325 Kai Bruns8:00 AM12:10 PMB115 M W
UNIV 350 1Independent Study11 Vazeerjan Begum    
UNIV 390 1Internship38 Rachel Rima Matar    
UNIV 390 2Internship39 Maxime Merheb    
UNIV 390 3Internship32 Kamal Abdel Malek    
UNIV 390 4Internship31 Saad Ullah Khan