Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomNumberDAYS
BMKT 351 ISMarketing Research Techniques & Applications31Farooq Khan    
BOPM 210  Statistical Analysis for Management310Ayokunle Ayoola10:00 AM11:50 AMB125 UMTWR
BUSN 305 ISInternational Business31David Lal    
ECON 103 1Principles of Microeconomics325this delete3:00 PM4:50 PMB104 UMTWR
ECON 310  Money and Banking325Mukdad Ibrahim12:00 PM1:50 PMB102 UMTWR
ENGR 390  Internship320Shereen Subhi Ismail    
FNAN 311  Principles of Investments325Soon Chan2:00 PM3:50 PMB101 UMTWR
MATH 213  Calculus III320Hassan Ali2:00 PM3:50 PMB110 UMTWR
MBGN 525 ISResearch Methods for Business33Ayokunle Ayoola    
MBHR 592  Managing Change and Innovation325Ayokunle Ayoola10:00 AM4:00 PMB125 FS
MBMK 518  Marketing Management325Lincoln Pettaway10:00 AM4:00 PMB123 FS
MGMT 301  Principles of Managment and Organizational Behavior325Lincoln Pettaway2:00 PM3:50 PMB102 UMTWR
MIST 301 ISIntroduction to Business Information Systems30Vazeerjan Begum    
OPMT 210  Statistical Analysis for Management415Ayokunle Ayoola10:00 AM11:50 AMB125 UMTWR
OPMT 210 ISStatistical Analysis for Management41Ayokunle Ayoola    
UNIV 390  Internship325Brendan D'Souza    
UNIV 390 1Internship325Soon Chan    
UNIV 390 2Internship325Farooq Khan    
UNIV 390 3Internship325David Lal