Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsRegisteredTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomDAYS
BIOL 100 1Humankind in a Biological World31218John Marton2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
BIOL 100 2Humankind in a Biological World31812Maxime Merheb10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
CHEN 463 90Natural Gas Processing301Sara Faiz Hannah Tasfy  Online 
CIEN 211 1Statics3246Kenan Hazirbaba12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 212 1Mechanics of Materials3264Fayez Moutassem10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 251 1Fluid Mechanics3237Ahmad Sakhrieh12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 301 1Numerical Analysis31713Kenan Hazirbaba10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 321 1Reinforced Concrete Design31911Rozuddin Nassar12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 331 1Construction Materials3273Fayez Moutassem12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 361 1Highway Engineering and Design3246Ahmed Abu Abdo10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
CIEN 362 1Transportation Engineering3264Ahmed Abu Abdo8:00 AM9:45 AMOnlineUMTW
COMM 101 1Interpersonal and Group Interaction32010Suzana Zdravkovska12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
COMM 104 1Photography and Communication31713Hanan Elsayed2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
CSCI 112 1Introduction to Computer Programming3219Khouloud Salameh10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
CSCI 113 1Introduction to Computer Programming Lab187Amal Almasri2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineU T
CSCI 450 1Information Security and Privacy31911Muhammed Abdul Aziz Awad2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 220 1Signal & Systems I3273Beza Getu10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 221 1Signal & Systems I Lab 132Beza Getu2:00 PM4:45 PMOnlineU T
ECEN 280 1Electric Circuit Analysis I3264Majed Khodr12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 281 1Electric Circuit Analysis I Lab187Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:45 PMOnlineM W
ECEN 282 1Electric Circuit Analysis II3237Maissa Farhat12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 283 1Electric Circuit Analysis II Lab169Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:45 PMOnlineU T
ECEN 305 1Electromagnetic Theory31911Amjad Omar8:00 AM9:45 AMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 333 1Linear Electronics I3822Maen Sadeq Takruri10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
ECEN 360 1Random Signal and Noise3921Nasser Saeed Hamad12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ECON 103 1Principles of Microeconomics31416Jimmy Teng10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
EDUL 510 1Overview of Educational Inquiry3155Alexandria Proff9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineS
EDUL 510 1Overview of Educational Inquiry3155Alexandria Proff1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineS
EDUL 515 1Assessment of Student Learning3164Sharon Kay Waller4:00 PM7:45 PMOnlineRF
EMFN 562 1Investment Planning & Management3146Baliira Kalyebara9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineS
EMFN 562 1Investment Planning & Management3146Baliira Kalyebara1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineS
EMHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management3173Vazeerjan Begum9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineF
EMHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management3173Vazeerjan Begum1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineF
ENGL 099 1Foundations of College English3155Shadi Alshidrawi10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
ENGL 101 1Composition3155Shadi Alshidrawi2:30 PM4:15 PMOnlineUMTW
ENGL 200 1Advanced Composition3-121Imed Louhichi12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ENGL 200 2Advanced Composition3020To be announced2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ENGL 200 3Advanced Composition3191Sanaa Benmessaoud10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
ENGL 214 1Semantics and Pragmatics3137Imed Louhichi2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
FREN 220 1Special Topics in French Culture and Civilization3164Sanaa Benmessaoud12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
ITEC 103 1Fundamentals of Information Technology3255Muhammed Abdul Aziz Awad12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
MATH 095 1Precalculus3178Ibrahim Awadallah12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
MATH 113 1Calculus I41416Saoussene Osman12:00 PM2:20 PMOnlineUMTW
MATH 114 1Calculus II4030Ibrahim Awadallah9:30 AM11:50 AMOnlineUMTW
MATH 114 2Calculus II4246Saoussene Osman9:30 AM11:50 AMOnlineUMTW
MBFN 562 1Investment Planning & Management3416Baliira Kalyebara9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineS
MBFN 562 1Investment Planning & Management3416Baliira Kalyebara1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineS
MBHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management31010Vazeerjan Begum9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineF
MBHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management31010Vazeerjan Begum1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineF
MENG 211 1Thermodynamics I3273Ahmad Sakhrieh10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
MEPM 514 1Global Projects Management3025Mohammed Alnahhal9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineF
MEPM 514 1Global Projects Management3025Mohammed Alnahhal1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineF
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management3218Nasser Jaber9:00 AM12:00 PMOnlineS
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management3218Nasser Jaber1:00 PM5:30 PMOnlineS
MEST 100 1Introduction to Islam in World Culture31713Kutbettin Kilic12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
MEST 100 2Introduction to Islam in World Culture330 Mashhad Alallaf8:00 AM9:45 AMOnlineUMTW
PHIL 100 1Critical Thinking and Reasoning3030Philipp Kaspar Dorstewitz10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
PHYS 110 1University Physics I3624Hamid Berriche10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
PHYS 111 1University Physics I Lab1015Fathi Mahmoud2:00 PM4:45 PMOnlineU T
PHYS 220 1University Physics II3525Hamid Berriche12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW
PHYS 221 1University Physics II Lab1411Fathi Mahmoud2:00 PM4:45 PMOnlineM W
PHYS 222 1University Physics III3264Mustapha Merabet10:00 AM11:45 AMOnlineUMTW
PHYS 223 1University Physics III Lab169Fathi Mahmoud5:00 PM7:45 PMOnlineM W
POLI 100 1Contemporary Global Issues3327T-Mansour Alshamsi2:00 PM3:45 PMOnlineUMTW
UNIV 200 1Innovation and Entrepreneurship3129Tahseen Arshi12:00 PM1:45 PMOnlineUMTW