Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsRegisteredTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomDAYS
BIOL 103  Introductory Biology I430 Mohammed Jarrar    
BIOL 104  Introductory Biology II430 Mahmoud Fawzi Khalid    
BIOL 203  Cell Structure and Function330 Mohammed Jarrar    
BIOL 303  Animal Biology430 Mohammed Jarrar    
BIOL 311  General Genetics330 Mohammed Jarrar    
BUFN 301  Financial Management330 Zahi Yaseen    
BUMG 311  Principles and Practices of Management330 To be announced    
BUMI 102  Spreadsheet Applications for Business1291Ali Sher    
BUMI 301 1Introduction to Business Information Systems330 Ali Sher    
BUMI 301 2Introduction to Business Information Systems330 Ali Sher    
BUMK 301  Principles of Marketing330 To be announced    
BUOM 210  Statistical Analysis for Management430 Ali Sher    
BUOM 301  Operations Management330 Ali Sher    
BUSM 301  Business Communication330 To be announced    
ECE 201  Introduction to Signal Analysis330 Qadeer Hasan    
ECE 220  Signal & Systems I330 Qadeer Hasan    
ECE 280  Electric Circuit Analysis430 Raed Awdeh    
ECE 320  Signal and Systems II330 Qadeer Hasan    
ECE 331  Digital System Design330 Raed Awdeh    
ECE 332  Digital System Design Lab1291Raed Awdeh    
ECE 333  Linear Electronics I330 Naizar Kassab    
ECE 334  Linear Electronics Lab I130 Naizar Kassab    
ECE 431  Digital Circuit Design3291Bassel Soudan    
ECE 433  Linear Electronics II3291Ahmed El Wakil    
ECE 460  Communication and Information Theory3291Qadeer Hasan    
ECE 462  Data and Computer Communication3291Raed Awdeh    
GEAT 101  Introduction to the Visual Arts330 Marius O'shea    
GECM 100  Public Speaking330 Aisha Ravindran    
GEEC 103  Principles of Microeconomics330 Abdullah Hasan    
GEEC 104  Principles of Macroeconomics330 Abdullah Hasan    
GEEC 311  Intermediate Macroeconomics330 Abdullah Hasan    
GEEN 100  Composition330 Aisha Ravindran    
GEEN 102  Fundamentals of Academic English330 Marius O'shea    
GEEN 103  Composition330 Aisha Ravindran    
GEEN 201  Literature across Cultures330 Aisha Ravindran    
GEHS 111  Introduction to World History330 Fouad Alaaraji    
GEIC 101  Islamic Culture & Sciences330 Allan Mansour    
GEPS 100  Introduction to Psychology330 Priti Verma    
SCCH 211  General Chemistry I330 Imtiaz Khalid    
SCCH 212  General Chemistry II330 Imtiaz Khalid    
SCCH 313  Organic Chemistry I330 Imtiaz Khalid    
SCCH 315  Organic Chemistry Lab I230 Imtiaz Khalid    
SCIT 103  Introduction to Computing*330 Ali Sher    
SCIT 300  Modern Telecommunications330 Raed Awdeh    
SCMT 103  Intermediate Algebra330 Abdullah Hasan    
SCMT 105  Precalculus330 Ahmad Al Mahmoud    
SCMT 108  Introductory Calculus with Business Applications330 Ahmad Al Mahmoud    
SCMT 113  Analytic Geometry and Calculus I430 Bong-Sik Kim    
SCMT 114  Analytic Geometry & Calculus II430 Ahmad Al Mahmoud    
SCMT 213  Analytic Geometry and Calculus III330 Bong-Sik Kim    
SCMT 214  Elementary Differential Equations330 Bong-Sik Kim    
SCPH 110  University Physics I330 To be announced    
SCPH 111  University Physics I Lab130 To be announced    
SCPH 220  University Physics II330 Khadim Hussain    
SCPH 221  University Physics II Lab130 Khadim Hussain    
SCPH 222  University Physics III330 Khadim Hussain    
SCPH 223  University Physics III Lab130 Khadim Hussain    
SCST 250  Introductory Statistics330 Ahmad Al Mahmoud    
SCST 346  Probability for Engineers330 Ahmad Al Mahmoud