Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomNumberDAYS
BUSN 305  International Business330Abdullah Hasan    
ECEN 462  Data and Computer Communication330Qadeer Hasan    
MATH 108  Calculus with Business Applications330Abdullah Hasan    
MATH 113  Calculus I430Bong-Sik Kim    
MATH 114  Calculus II430To be announced    
MGMT 301  Principles of Managment and Organizational Behavior330Ali Sher    
MKTG 301  Principles of Marketing330Ali Sher    
PHYS 222  University Physics III330To be announced    
UNIV 390 1Internship330Qadeer Hasan    
UNIV 390 2Internship330Abdullah Hasan