Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomNumberDAYS
ACCT 301  Financial Accounting and Managerial Decision Making330Kamlesh Shukla    
ACCT 311  Managerial and Cost Accounting330Kamlesh Shukla    
ARTT 100  Introduction to the Visual Arts330Marius O'shea    
BIOL 100  Humankind in a Biological World 30Sophy Thomson    
BIOL 110  Animal Biology330Saif Al Ghais    
BIOL 111  Animal Biology Lab130Saif Al Ghais    
BIOL 170  Biostatistics330Djamel Bellout    
BIOL 230  General Microbiology330Maxime Merheb    
BIOL 231  General Microbiology Lab130Maxime Merheb    
BIOL 240  Ecology330Sophy Thomson    
BIOL 320  General Genetics330Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 321  General Genetics Lab130Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 352  General Biochemistry330Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 353  Biomolecules Analysis Lab130Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 354  Biophysics330Maxime Merheb    
BIOL 355  Biophysics Lab130Maxime Merheb    
BIOL 420  Molecular Biology & Genetics330Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 421  Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Lab130Brendan D'Souza    
BIOL 432  Applied & Industrial Microbiology330Maxime Merheb    
BIOL 433  Techniques in Applied & Industrial Microbiology Lab130Maxime Merheb    
BUSN 302  Legal Environment of Business329Kamlesh Shukla    
BUSN 498  Strategic Management330Mohamed Alneyadi    
CHEM 213  General Chemistry II330Irshad Ahmed    
CHEM 214  General Chemistry II Lab130Irshad Ahmed    
CHEM 315  Physical Chemistry330Irshad Ahmed    
CHEM 316  Physical Chemistry Lab230Irshad Ahmed    
COMM 100  Public Speaking330Aisha Ravindran    
CSCI 112  Introduction to Computer Programming329Omar Aljaadan    
CSCI 113  Introduction to Computer Programming Lab129Omar Aljaadan    
ECEN 101  Introduction to Electrical Engineering330Qadeer Hasan    
ECEN 102  Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab 30Hussain Attia    
ECEN 201 1Introduction to Signal Analysis330Qadeer Hasan    
ECEN 202  Introduction to Signal Analysis Lab 30Hussain Attia    
ECEN 220  Signal & Systems I330Beza Getu    
ECEN 221  Signal & Systems I Lab 30Hussain Attia    
ECEN 280  Electric Circuit Analysis I430Qadeer Hasan    
ECEN 281  Electric Circuit Analysis I Lab130Hussain Attia    
ECEN 305  Electromagnetic Theory330Beza Getu    
ECEN 320  Signal and Systems II330Beza Getu    
ECEN 321  Signal and Systems II Lab 30Hussain Attia    
ECEN 331  Digital System Design330Beza Getu    
ECEN 332  Digital System Design Lab130Hussain Attia    
ECEN 333  Linear Electronics I330Zulkhar Nain    
ECEN 334  Linear Electronics Lab I130Hussain Attia    
ECEN 430  Principles of Semiconductor Devices330Zulkhar Nain    
ECEN 464  Digital Communication Systems330Qadeer Hasan    
ECEN 481  Concepts of Multimedia Processing & Transmission330Zulkhar Nain    
ECEN 488  Fundamentals of Satellite Communication330Zulkhar Nain    
ECEN 491  Engineering Seminar130Qadeer Hasan    
ECEN 493  Senior Design Project II430Zulkhar Nain    
ECON 103  Principles of Microeconomics330Abdullah Hasan    
ECON 104  Principles of Macroeconomics330Abdullah Hasan    
ENGL 100  Introduction to Academic Writing330Marion Janet    
ENGL 201 ALiterature across Cultures330Marius O'shea    
ENGL 201 B Literature across Cultures330Marius O'shea    
ENGL 302  Advanced Composition330Aisha Ravindran    
ENGR 107  Introduction to Engineering229Hussain Attia    
ENVS 100  Energy and Environmental Science330Saif Al Ghais    
ENVS 101  Energy and Environmental Science Lab130Saif Al Ghais    
FNAN 301  Financial Management329Abdullah Hasan    
FNAN 311  Principles of Investments330Dharmendra Singh    
FNAN 321  Financial Institutions330Dharmendra Singh    
FNAN 411  Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management330Kamlesh Shukla    
MATH 103  Intermediate Algebra330Thaseen Fatima    
MATH 105  Precalculus330Thaseen Fatima    
MATH 108  Calculus with Business Applications330Abdullah Hasan    
MATH 113  Calculus I429Bong-Sik Kim    
MATH 114  Calculus II430Bong-Sik Kim    
MATH 203  Linear Algebra330Mohammed Al Asaad    
MATH 213  Calculus III330Bong-Sik Kim    
MATH 214  Elementary Differential Equations330Bong-Sik Kim    
MEST 100  Introduction to Islam in World Culture330Souwed Abdul Mouti    
MGMT 301  Principles of Managment and Organizational Behavior329Ali Sher    
MGMT 403  Cross Cultural & Global Management330Ali Sher    
MIST 301  Introduction to Business Information Systems329Ali Sher    
MKTG 301  Principles of Marketing330Dharmendra Singh    
MKTG 313  Integrated Marketing Communications330Dharmendra Singh    
MKTG 407  International Marketing330Ali Sher    
MKTG 471  Marketing Management (Capstone Course)330Kamlesh Shukla    
OPMT 311  Methods and Models of Management Science330Dharmendra Singh    
OPMT 405  Supply Chain Management330Naceur Jabnoun    
PHYS 220  University Physics II330Adil Ali Al Azzawi    
PHYS 221  University Physics II Lab130Fathi Mahmoud    
PHYS 222  University Physics III330Adil Ali Al Azzawi    
PHYS 223  University Physics III Lab130Fathi Mahmoud    
PSYC 100  Introduction to Psychology330Priti Verma    
STAT 346 1Probability and Statistics for Engineers330Mohammed Al Asaad