Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomNumberDAYS
ACCT 203 1Survey of Accounting312Hamzah Hussein Al Mawali1:00 PM3:05 PMB101 UMTW
BACC 204 1Principles of Financial Accounting313Hamzah Hussein Al Mawali1:00 PM3:05 PMB101 UMTW
BBSN 492 1Internship37Mukdad Ibrahim1:00 PM5:30 PM FS
BIOL 100 1Humankind in a Biological World325Abdul Gafoor Puthiyaveetil10:30 AM12:35 PMB104 UMTW
BIOL 100 2Humankind in a Biological World320Abdul Gafoor Puthiyaveetil3:00 PM5:05 PMG204 UMTW
CIEN 422 1Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design320Rajai Al Rousan1:00 PM3:00 PMG207 UMTW
COMM 102 1Reading Image and Film327Saad Ullah Khan8:00 AM10:05 AMB101 UMTW
COMM 102 2Reading Image and Film320Saad Ullah Khan10:30 AM12:35 PMB101 UMTW
CSCI 112 1Introduction to Computer Programming320Sahar Idwan10:00 AM12:00 PMG202 UMTW
CSCI 113 1Introduction to Computer Programming Lab115Sahar Idwan12:00 PM2:30 PMG202 U T
ECEN 280 1Electric Circuit Analysis I320Maen Sadeq Takruri10:30 AM12:30 PMG205 UMTW
ECON 103 1Principles of Microeconomics325Ziad Asouly3:30 PM5:35 PMG207 UMTW
EDUL 520 1Theories of Teaching and Learning37Maha Broum3:30 PM5:30 PMB117 UMTW
EDUL 615 1School Governance, Politics and Community Engagement320Justina Osa3:30 PM5:35 PMG206 UMTW
EDUL 625 1Using Research for Educational Change320Justina Osa5:40 PM7:45 PMG204 UMTW
ENGL 101 1Composition320Osayimwense Osa10:30 AM12:35 PMB110 UMTW
ENGL 200 1Advanced Composition320Osayimwense Osa1:00 PM3:05 PMB102 UMTW
ENGR 107 1Introduction to Engineering220Rajai Al Rousan10:30 AM12:35 PMG206 UMT
ENGR 390 1Internship33Said Elnaffar    
ENGR 390 2Internship36Mohd Jamal Zaid    
ENGR 390 4Internship32Ahmed Abu Abdo    
ENGR 390 5Internship312Majed Khodr    
IENG 231 1Engineering Materials320Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil10:30 AM12:35 PMG204 UMTW
MATH 113 1Calculus I425Ibrahim Awadallah1:00 PM3:40 PMG205 UMTW
MATH 113 2Calculus I425Ibrahim Awadallah10:00 AM12:40 PMG203 UMTW
MBGN 535 1MBA Internship325Mukdad Ibrahim    
MBHR 590 1Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management325Lincoln Pettaway1:00 PM5:30 PMG204 FS
MBHR 592 1Managing Change and Innovation325Lincoln Pettaway8:00 AM12:30 PMG204 FS
MENG 211 1Thermodynamics I320Bilal Amin Akash8:00 AM10:05 AMG209 UMTW
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management320Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil1:00 PM5:30 PMG203 S
MEPM 516 1Project Quality Management320Wisam Mohammad Abu Jadayil3:10 PM6:00 PMG203 W
MEPM 522 1Financial Analysis and Decision Making320Ahmed Al Sharif8:00 AM12:30 PMG205 S
MEPM 522 1Financial Analysis and Decision Making320Ahmed Al Sharif3:10 PM6:00 PMG205 R
PHYS 110 1University Physics I325Mustapha Merabet10:30 AM12:35 PMB103 UMTW
PHYS 111 1University Physics I Lab120Fathi Mahmoud1:00 PM3:05 PMB114 UMTW
PHYS 220 1University Physics II325Hamid Berriche1:00 PM3:05 PMG206 UMTW
PHYS 221 1University Physics II Lab120Fathi Mahmoud10:30 AM12:35 PMB111 UMTW
POLI 100 1Contemporary Global Issues325Kai Bruns8:00 AM12:10 PMB115 M W
UNIV 350 1Independent Study11Vazeerjan Begum    
UNIV 390 1Internship38Rachel Rima Matar    
UNIV 390 2Internship39Maxime Merheb    
UNIV 390 3Internship32Kamal Abdel Malek    
UNIV 390 4Internship31Saad Ullah Khan