Course CodeSectionCourse DescriptionNo. of CreditsAvailable SeatsTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeRoomNumberDAYS
ACCT 301  Financial Accounting and Managerial Decision Making330Soon Chan8:00 AM9:29 AMB101 M W
BIOL 108  Cell Structure and Function350Rachel Rima Matar8:00 AM9:29 AMB103 M W
BIOL 109  Cell Structure and Function Lab150Rachel Rima Matar3:00 PM4:59 PM W
BIOL 170  Biostatistics330Djamel Bellout4:30 PM5:59 PMB102 M W
BIOL 210  Plant Biology350Rachel Rima Matar3:00 PM4:29 PMB103 U T
BIOL 211  Plant Biology Lab150Rachel Rima Matar1:00 PM2:59 PM R
BIOL 320  General Genetics350Brendan D'Souza8:00 AM9:29 AMB104 T R
BIOL 321  General Genetics Lab150Brendan D'Souza11:00 AM12:59 PM U
BIOL 354  Biophysics350Maxime Merheb3:00 PM4:29 PMB115 U T
BIOL 355  Biophysics Lab150Maxime Merheb3:00 PM4:59 PM M
BIOL 370  Foundations in Mathematical Biology350Bong-Sik Kim9:30 AM10:59 AMB124 M
BIOL 370  Foundations in Mathematical Biology350Bong-Sik Kim11:00 AM12:30 PMB124 R
BIOL 380  Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering350Rachel Rima Matar9:30 AM10:59 AMB104 U T
BIOL 381  Biotechnology Lab Methods & Techniques150Rachel Rima Matar9:00 AM10:59 AM R
BIOL 422  Advanced Molecular Biology350Brendan D'Souza3:00 PM4:29 PMB104 U T
BIOL 430  Cell Culture Theory & Technology350Brendan D'Souza1:30 PM2:59 PMB103 M W
BIOL 431  Cell Culture Techniques Lab150Brendan D'Souza1:30 PM3:29 PM R
BIOL 432  Applied & Industrial Microbiology350Maxime Merheb8:00 AM9:29 AMB104 M W
BIOL 433  Techniques in Applied & Industrial Microbiology Lab150Maxime Merheb3:00 PM4:59 PM W
BIOL 472  Computer Skills for Biotechnology350Maxime Merheb9:30 AM10:59 AMB115 U T
BUSN 301  Business Communication350Muhammad Abdelkareem Badarneh11:00 AM12:29 PMB125 U T
BUSN 305  International Business330Turgut Guvenli8:00 AM8:59 AMB101 U T R
BUSN 498  Strategic Management330Turgut Guvenli11:00 AM12:29 PMB101 U T
CHEM 100  Chemistry in Everyday Life330Irshad Ahmed9:30 AM10:59 AMB117 U T
CHEM 101  Chemistry in Everyday Life Lab130Irshad Ahmed3:30 PM5:29 PMB120 W
CHEM 211  General Chemistry I350Irshad Ahmed1:30 PM2:59 PMB115 U T
CHEM 212  General Chemistry I Lab150Irshad Ahmed12:30 PM2:30 PMB120 M
CHEM 313  Organic Chemistry I350Irshad Ahmed11:00 AM12:29 PMB124 M W
CHEM 314  Organic Chemistry Lab I250Irshad Ahmed11:00 AM1:00 PMB120 R
CHEM 314  Organic Chemistry Lab I250Irshad Ahmed12:30 PM2:29 PMB120 W
COMM 101  Interpersonal and Group Interaction330Aisha Ravindran11:00 AM12:29 PMB117 U T
COMM 102  Reading Image and Film330Anthony Patterson9:30 AM10:59 AMB115 M W
CSCI 112  Introduction to Computer Programming350Majed Khodr1:30 PM2:59 PMB103 U T
CSCI 113 1Introduction to Computer Programming Lab150Majed Khodr1:30 PM4:29 PMB111 M
CSCI 113 2Introduction to Computer Programming Lab150Majed Khodr8:00 AM10:59 AMB111 U
ECEN 101  Introduction to Electrical Engineering330Fatima El Guezar11:00 AM12:29 PMB103 U T
ECEN 102 1Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab 30Hussain Attia8:00 AM10:59 AM U
ECEN 102 2Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab 30Hussain Attia8:00 AM10:59 AM M
ECEN 201  Introduction to Signal Analysis330Fatima El Guezar8:00 AM9:29 AMB115 U T
ECEN 202  Introduction to Signal Analysis Lab 30Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:59 PMB111 R
ECEN 220  Signal & Systems I330Beza Getu8:00 AM9:29 AMB102 U T
ECEN 221  Signal & Systems I Lab 30Hussain Attia11:00 AM1:59 PMB122 T
ECEN 280  Electric Circuit Analysis I430Fatima El Guezar8:00 AM9:29 AMB125 M W
ECEN 281  Electric Circuit Analysis I Lab130Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:59 PMB122 M
ECEN 320  Signal and Systems II330Beza Getu9:30 AM10:59 AMB103 U T
ECEN 321  Signal and Systems II Lab 30Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:59 PMB122 T
ECEN 331  Digital System Design330Beza Getu12:30 PM1:59 PMB102 M W
ECEN 332  Digital System Design Lab130Hussain Attia8:00 AM10:59 AMB122 R
ECEN 333  Linear Electronics I330Majed Khodr8:00 AM9:29 AM M W
ECEN 334  Linear Electronics Lab I130Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:59 PMB122 U
ECEN 431  Digital Circuit Design330Amin Bermak12:30 PM1:59 PMB125 U T
ECEN 433  Linear Electronics II330Amin Bermak8:00 AM9:29 AMB102 M W
ECEN 434  Linear Electronics Lab II130Hussain Attia2:00 PM4:59 PM W
ECEN 460  Communication and Information Theory330Elyes Bdira11:00 AM12:29 PMB115 U T
ECEN 461  Communication Engineering Lab130Hussain Attia11:00 AM1:59 PM R
ECEN 462  Data and Computer Communication330Majed Khodr11:00 AM12:29 PMB103 M W
ECEN 464  Digital Communication Systems330Elyes Bdira8:00 AM9:29 AMB103 U T
ECEN 488  Fundamentals of Satellite Communication330Elyes Bdira9:30 AM10:59 AMB104 M W
ECEN 492  Senior Design Project I230Majed Khodr    
ECON 103  Principles of Microeconomics330Abdullah Hasan9:30 AM10:59 AMB101 M W
ECON 310  Money and Banking330Abdullah Hasan2:00 PM3:29 PMB101 M W
ELP 1  English Language Program 1 41ELP 1 Instructor    
ELP 2  English Language Program 2 50ELP 2 Instructor    
ELP-INT  English Language Program - Intensive 48ELP-INT Instructor    
ENGL 100 1Introduction to Academic Writing350Muhammad Abdelkareem Badarneh3:00 PM4:29 PMB113 U T
ENGL 100 2Introduction to Academic Writing350Muhammad Abdelkareem Badarneh11:00 AM12:29 PMB113 M W
ENGL 101 1Composition350Anthony Patterson3:00 PM4:29 PMB117 U T
ENGL 101 2Composition350Anthony Patterson11:00 AM12:29 PMB117 M W
ENGL 201  Literature across Cultures350Larry Don Griffin9:30 AM10:59 AMB123 M W
ENGL 302 1Advanced Composition350Aisha Ravindran1:30 PM2:59 PMB125 M W
ENGL 302 2Advanced Composition350Aisha Ravindran11:00 AM12:29 PMB123 M W
ENGR 107  Introduction to Engineering240Hasan Katkhuda12:30 PM1:29 PMB101 M W
FNAN 301  Financial Management330Abdullah Hasan2:00 PM3:29 PMB101 U T
FNAN 401  Advanced Financial Management330Soon Chan9:30 AM10:59 AMB101 U T
FNAN 411  Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management330Soon Chan4:00 PM5:29 PMB101 M W
FNAN 431  International Financial Management330Soon Chan2:00 PM3:29 PMB102 U R
ITEC 103  Fundamentals of Information Technology350Amin Bermak12:30 PM1:59 PMB117 M W
MATH 103 2Intermediate Algebra350John Taylor9:30 AM10:59 AMB123 U T
MATH 105 1Precalculus350John Taylor2:00 PM3:29 PMB102 M W
MATH 105 2Precalculus350John Taylor9:30 AM10:59 AMB117 M W
MATH 108  Calculus with Business Applications350Bong-Sik Kim12:00 PM1:29 PMB111 U T
MATH 113  Calculus I450Hassane Bouzahir9:30 AM10:30 AMB113 R
MATH 113  Calculus I450Hassane Bouzahir9:30 AM10:59 AMB113 U T
MATH 114  Calculus II450Bong-Sik Kim9:30 AM10:59 AMB124 U T
MATH 114  Calculus II450Bong-Sik Kim10:00 AM11:00 AMB124 R
MATH 203  Linear Algebra350Hassane Bouzahir11:00 AM12:29 PMB123 U T
MATH 214  Elementary Differential Equations350Hassane Bouzahir11:00 AM12:29 PMB125 M W
MEST 100 1Introduction to Islam in World Culture350Nowar Nizar Al-Ani8:00 AM9:29 AMB124 U T
MEST 100 2Introduction to Islam in World Culture350Nowar Nizar Al-Ani3:30 PM4:59 PMB124 M W
MGMT 301  Principles of Managment and Organizational Behavior345Naceur Jabnoun5:00 PM6:29 PMB101 U T
MGMT 311  Principles and Practices of Management330Ayokunle Ayoola11:00 AM12:29 PMB101 M W
MIST 102  Spreadsheet Applications for Business11Ayokunle Ayoola    
MKTG 301  Principles of Marketing345Ayokunle Ayoola9:30 AM10:59 AMB102 M W
MKTG 312  Consumer Behavior330Ayokunle Ayoola12:30 PM1:59 PMB115 M W
MKTG 407  International Marketing330Ayokunle Ayoola12:30 PM1:59 PMB102 U R
OPMT 301  Operations Management330Naceur Jabnoun3:30 PM4:59 PMB102 U T
PHYS 110  University Physics I350Mustapha Merabet8:00 AM9:29 AMB117 M W
PHYS 111 1University Physics I Lab150Fathi Mahmoud2:00 PM4:59 PM W
PHYS 111 2University Physics I Lab150Fathi Mahmoud11:00 AM1:59 PM R
PHYS 222  University Physics III350Mustapha Merabet8:00 AM9:29 AMB125 U T
PHYS 223  University Physics III Lab150Fathi Mahmoud2:00 PM4:59 PM U
UNIV 100  University Freshman Transition1100Aisha Ravindran10:00 AM10:59 AMB102 T